Travel-Logs from 1999 until today

The Fall-Colors Of New England an the
and Metropolises of the East

From Vegas to the Ocean and back
Southern Sun, stormy Deserts & Sin City

Far, far away....
On the Road Whitehorse to Vancouver

Gorgeous Wilderness & Charming Towns ...and Las Vegas. Again.

We were where the Angels landed!
Red Rocks, Painted Canyons and Vegas!

From Glaciers to Geysers or 
from Denver to San Francisco

East Coast Roundtrip: 
Cities & Beaches

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!
(and even on Facebook)

From Coast to Coast
We are Cowboys!

Back in the Southwest!
The Classic

Let's go West 
First time on th other side.

Fort Lauderdale again 
Meet Alligators at Billy Swamp Safari 

Back In Florida
Visiting Kennedy Space Center

New York, New York
A Dream Come True

Love at first sight